Welcome to our FAQ page dedicated to answering questions about our products. Below are some commonly asked questions to provide you with quick and helpful answers. If you have any further inquiries, feel free to reach out to us directly for assistance.

General questions

What products does the RAUSCH range include?

Our range includes high-quality care products for healthy hair. We believe that true beauty is sourced from nature, which is why all our products contain a high proportion of natural herbal substances, extracted using our gentle in-house methods.

How many natural ingredients are used in RAUSCH products?

RAUSCH develops all its products with the aim of using as many natural ingredients and as few additives as possible. In order to improve factors such as the tolerability of our products, it is sometimes necessary to use nature-identical or synthetic ingredients. In these cases, we exclusively use safe ingredients that do not negatively impact people or the environment. As a result, we are a manufacturer of near-natural hair and body care products rather than natural cosmetics.

Are RAUSCH products tested on animals?

In its more than 130-year company history, RAUSCH has never tested its products on animals. The efficacy and tolerability of our hair and body care products is only ever tested on voluntary test subjects.

Where can I purchase RAUSCH products?

Our products are available at selected personal care stores, pharmacies and clinics.
They are also available on the RAUSCH Official store on Lazada and Shopee, and the RAUSCH Official Asia Online Store.

Questions about care

Which care product is the right one for my hair type?

RAUSCH products are specially developed to address different hair concerns. You can easily find the best hair care for you by your hair concern and need.

What do the products do?

Cleanses, rinse-off formula
Removes build-up and cleanses the scalp, removing sebum, dandruff and residues. Our shampoos have restorative and refreshing properties.

Nourishes, rinse-off formula
Seals the open cuticle layer after shampooing, so hair is strong enough to face the day. Prevents hair from drying out and restores its shine.

Nourishes, leave-in formula
Improves the combability of the hair and adds shine without weighing it down. The spray stays in the hair longer, protecting it from dryness.

Intensive nourishment, rinse-off formula
Nourishes and revitalises the hair from within. Our hair treatments contain precious active ingredients to keep the hair and scalp strong and healthy.

Strengthens, leave-in formula
Thanks to special ingredients, hair tonics strengthen the scalp and the entire length of the hair. They relax and nourish the scalp, add body to the hair and make it easier to style.

Concentrate, leave-in formula
Nourishes and strengthens the scalp. Highly concentrated active ingredients are delivered directly to the roots of the hair. Intensive treatment with a leave-in concentrate.

Care for the ends of the hair, leave-in formula
Seals the hair fibres, strengthens the ends and protects against hair breakage and split ends.

How do I use RAUSCH products correctly?

Work a hazelnut-sized amount into a lather with water and massage into wet hair and the scalp. Then rinse thoroughly. We recommend using a conditioner or a spray conditioner each time you wash your hair.

Apply to wet hair (either to the length and ends of the hair or to the scalp, as indicated on the packaging) after shampooing; allow the product to take effect briefly before rinsing thoroughly.

Distribute evenly through damp or dry hair after washing; do not rinse.

Apply a walnut-sized amount (slightly more depending on hair length) to your hair and scalp and distribute well. Allow the treatment to take effect as per the instructions on the packaging and then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Apply to a damp or dry scalp and gently massage in; do not rinse.

Apply to the affected areas. Massage gently into a dry or damp scalp; refrain from rubbing.

Apply to dry or damp hair and allow the product to take effect; do not rinse.

Can the various RAUSCH products be used in combination with each other?

The products can indeed be used in combination with each other, meaning you can put together your own individual care routine.

From what age can RAUSCH products be used on children?

Unless stated otherwise on the label, RAUSCH products can be used on children from about 18 months.
The following can only be used on children aged three years or older: Treatment Shampoo with willow bark, degreasing shampoo with seaweed, anti-dandruff shampoo with coltsfoot.

If you suspect you or your child are showing signs of intolerance or an allergic reaction, you should stop using the product and seek medical advice.

What changes might I notice when I switch to hair care products that are free from silicone?

People often notice a big difference when they first switch to a silicone-free shampoo: your hair may appear damaged, dull and brittle. The hair structure is opening up, enabling it to fully replenish precious, nourishing ingredients such as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. This transition takes time.

How long does a 200 ml bottle of RAUSCH shampoo last?

Our RAUSCH shampoos are concentrates, which means that a little goes a long way. Of course, the number of washes depends on various factors, such as hair length. The 30–45 applications specified on the label is intended as a guide only. We recommend applying a hazelnut-sized quantity of shampoo to your palm and lathering it up a little in your hands. Thanks to the mild surfactants, the product doesn’t lather very much in the hair during washing and a single application is sufficient.

Can the products be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

Our specialist hair and skin products are cosmetic products, meaning they can be used in any life situation. They can also be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding, unless stated otherwise on the label. As a rule, we would recommend consulting your doctor about any products you wish to use during this time.

The RAUSCH Original hair tincture contains essential oils from citrus fruits, so we recommend using the Caffeine intensive scalp fluid with ginseng instead during breastfeeding. The cutting-edge formula with herbal extracts is based on a new technology and is highly concentrated. Applying drop by drop, use two pumps once daily on affected areas and gently massage in. Please keep in mind that it takes time for the product to have an effect and you can only expect to start seeing results after two months. You can then start using the Original hair tincture on a long-term basis at a later point in time.

Which RAUSCH products can I use during chemotherapy?

No cosmetic product can compete with the strength of the cytostatics used in a course of chemotherapy. Unfortunately, our products cannot prevent this kind of hair loss. Using the Caffeine-line with ginseng after chemotherapy can stimulate the scalp and improve hair regrowth. These products stimulate blood circulation in the scalp and ensure that hair roots are more nourished, thus helping to reduce non-illness-related hair loss.

Which RAUSCH products can I use after a hair transplant?

We wouldn’t recommend applying any kind of special treatment or using any hair tonic or tincture at first. You should make sure you leave enough time for everything to grow properly. Please make sure you check with your doctor first.

Questions about the ingredients

Are RAUSCH products vegan?

RAUSCH's product range in Asia is vegan and free from animal ingredients.

Where do the herbs used come from, and what kind of farming criteria do they have to meet?

The herbs used in RAUSCH products come from growing regions around the world. Our raw materials are grown under strictly monitored conditions and selected with the utmost care. We prioritise organic quality and wild herb gathering. The herbs are being analysed and checked closely for quality and possible impurities in our own laboratories. All of the herbs used in the Care line with Swiss herbs come from Switzerland.

Are RAUSCH products biodegradable?

The question of biodegradability depends particularly on the type of surfactants used. We only use surfactants (cleansing substances) that are made from renewable raw materials. This means our RAUSCH shampoos and shower gels break down very easily in sewage plants. The majority of our product range is already at least 95% biodegradable. We recommend using RAUSCH products very sparingly when outdoors.

Which sulphates are used in RAUSCH products?

Sulphates have gained a bad reputation for drying out the skin, but not all sulphates are the same – there are actually considerable differences between them. We use sodium laureth sulphate (ex coco) in some of our shampoos. It is a surfactant (cleansing substance) derived from coconut and palm kernel oil, modified to make it lather and cleanse more effectively. It is not a harmful substance. It is actually much more skin-friendly than sodium lauryl sulphate, which is normally used by other companies.

Do RAUSCH products contain palm oil?

Palm oil is made from the fruit of the oil palm, while palm kernel oil is made from the kernel of the fruit. Palm kernel oil is an important raw material for creating surfactants, which are the active washing ingredient in cosmetic products such as shampoo and shower gel. Palm kernel oil also has many dermatological benefits. The fatty acids it contains give the skin a silky feel, and substances such as coenzyme Q10, vitamin E and vitamin A have a nourishing effect. Palm kernel oil has a regenerative effect, offers UV protection and can even, to a limited extent, repair existing cell damage. It also has a moisturising effect, protects and smooths the skin and gives shine to hair. These many beneficial characteristics are why RAUSCH has been using the highest quality palm kernel oil in its cosmetics for many years.

As a committed member of the ‘Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil’ (RSPO), we use only Mass Balance-certified lauryl ether sulphate (INCI: sodium laureth sulphate). In doing so, we directly support the sustainable cultivation of certified palm and palm kernel oil. Thanks to our strong ties to selected raw material suppliers, maintaining an ongoing dialogue and an insistence on sustainable sources, we have succeeded in achieving a new standard in this respect.

Are RAUSCH products suitable for people intolerant to gluten or lactose?

All RAUSCH products are free from gluten and lactose.

Which parabens do RAUSCH products contain?

All products are free from parabens. We use organic acids as a substitute.

Which RAUSCH products contain silicone?

Our entire hair care range is deliberately free from silicones, we often substitute silicones for natural plant oils.

Do RAUSCH products contain mineral oil?

We ourselves don’t use any mineral oil, but we cannot guarantee that mineral oil-based substances are not used in the preliminary stages of the production of raw materials.

Do RAUSCH products contain PEGs?

PEGs have been used in medicines (any ointment base) and cosmetic products for many years. Their use has therefore been tested and reviewed for a long time and found to be safe. Making sure our products are safe to use is our highest priority. We have not identified any negative properties of PEGs in our products. As a rule, we try to use them as little as possible.

Do RAUSCH products contain microplastics?

The problem with microplastics is that they are often not effectively filtered at wastewater treatment plants, meaning that sooner or later, they end up in our lakes and oceans. They then collect in these bodies of water and can become a life-threatening hazard to the living organisms in those environments. RAUSCH is aware of this issue and has therefore never used any solid plastic particles in its products.

The situation is less clear when it comes to ‘liquid plastics’, especially as this term is not clearly defined. Liquid plastics are very different to solid plastic particles in terms of their size, shape and physical and chemical properties. They are often water-soluble materials that differ greatly from solid particles in terms of their durability in particular, and are not believed to contribute to water pollution. Ingredients such as polyquaternium are even permitted in certified natural cosmetics. These two groups of materials therefore cannot be lumped together.

Questions about quality

What makes RAUSCH products so special?

RAUSCH has been cultivating its herbal expertise since 1890. The main active ingredients in all of our products are natural plant extracts that have been gently and carefully extracted using our own in-house methods. These ingredients are combined in optimum, complementary concentrations and are used exclusively for RAUSCH hair care products.

Is the effectiveness of RAUSCH products scientifically proven?

RAUSCH uses the latest scientific findings to develop highly effective cosmetic products. We guarantee consistent quality in terms of scent, colour, the feel of the hair and skin, combability, suppleness and shine. Our outstanding products are highly effective, as has been proven in multiple professional studies conducted by renowned independent testing institutes.

Which quality standards do RAUSCH products adhere to?

RAUSCH products undergo rigorous safety assessments. When we select just the right ingredients and create our precious herbal extracts, we adhere to what are probably the highest quality standards you can have – our own. Each and every raw material we use is examined, both individually and in combination with the other ingredients in the product, to ensure that it is absolutely safe. Of course, the quantities used play a very important role. With all of these aspects taken into account, the safety of RAUSCH products can be fully verified by specially trained safety assessors.

Are the products tested for their tolerability?

At RAUSCH, it is a top priority to be able to clinically prove the excellent dermatological tolerability of all our products. Our entire range is free from parabens, and our entire hair care range is free from silicone.

Are RAUSCH products sustainable?

The knowledge that in addition to making use of nature, we also need to protect it, is at the heart of our principles. Sustainability affects us all. And while we are not yet perfect, we are continually working to improve. We care about making our products as sustainable as possible and actively contributing to environmental protection. This means we work with regional suppliers and service providers wherever possible in order to keep our environmental footprint to a minimum across the whole value chain. We will continue to convert our shampoos into sustainable rPET bottles. We are offering a refill system for our hairsprays in order to reduce plastic waste. And in an effort to increase biodiversity at the local level, we have created a home for numerous insects in our herb garden, which has been left in its natural state.

Where are the products manufactured?

RAUSCH’s roots are deeply embedded in Switzerland and the Lake Constance region. Our products are exclusively manufactured in Switzerland and, wherever possible, the herbs we use are grown in controlled environments in Switzerland under contract farming agreements.

Questions about the online shop

Is there a minimum order amount in the RAUSCH online shop?

There is generally no minimum order amount. However, there are minimum order amounts that you must reach if you wish to save on shipping costs.

How do I redeem a voucher or a discount code in the RAUSCH online shop?

Voucher and discount codes can be redeemed in your basket or at the checkout under ‘Apply discount code’.

Can I make a purchase on account?

Unfortunately, payment on account is not possible at the moment.

Has my RAUSCH online order been received?

Please check your email inbox. If you can’t find a confirmation email there, please check your spam folder.

How much will shipping cost when I make an order in the RAUSCH online shop?

The standard delivery fee for locations in Singapore is SGD 6.00 for purchases below SGD 50. Purchases above SGD 50 will receive free delivery.

When will I receive my online order?

Purchases are estimated to arrive within three (3) to seven (7) business days from the processing day of the customer’s order. This can however extend during peak periods on rare cases.

Can I make changes to my order or cancel it at a later time?

Orders cannot be changed, expedited, deleted or merged after they have been processed. This is because our shipping process is largely automated.

Do I have the right to return products ordered in the online shop?

Returns will only be accepted if you have contacted us to arrange this, and must include all accessories and a copy of the invoice enclosed.

How can I contact RAUSCH’s customer service team?

You can reach RAUSCH’s customer service team by filling out the Contact Us form or by emailing support@rausch-cosmetics.com.

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