Purity Alone Is Not Enough: We Also Demand Results.

We dial up active ingredients to high-dose levels to stimulate cell regeneration, relieve sensitive skin conditions, reduce scar tissue and repair the internal structure of damaged hair.


Close to nature right from the start.

As a Swiss family business with over 130 years of tradition, we carry our expertise in the secrets of herbs and plants from generation to generation.

Where we come from?

Over a century ago, in a small workshop in Konstanz, the master hairdresser Josef Wilhelm Rausch developed a hair tonic made from herbal extracts. J. W. Rausch was passionate about researching effective, beneficial cosmetic products – and we have stayed true to this legacy for 130 years. From the very start, we have focused on creating exclusive herbal extracts that are high-quality, safe and sustainable.

What we stand for?

We believe that beautiful, healthy hair starts at the roots. Our products contain a high proportion of natural herbal substances, extracted using our gentle in-house methods. Whether from flowers, leaves, bark, roots or whole plants, all of our herbs are grown under controlled conditions, harvested by hand and processed into pure extracts. That is how we guarantee the lasting, gentle effectiveness of our products.

We Aim to Prove That Nature Gives Us All We Need

Nature Is a Generous Source of Beauty Ingredients

“At The Heart Of Our Brand Is A Mission To Empower Beauty And Wellness Through Scientifically Backed, Naturally Derived Products To Inspire To Celebrate Unique Beauty.”

Sandra Banholzer


Sandra Banholzer

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Cetin Katirci

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Marcel Lardi

Chief Production & Procurement Officer (CPPO)

Birgit Schäfer

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Barbara Banzhaf

Chief Sales Officer (CSO)

Dr. Katharina Alder

Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Board of Directors

Peter Muri

President of the Board of Directors

Rolf Schmid

Delegate of the Board of Directors

Kurt Eberle

Member of the Board of Directors

Tom Baumann

Member of the Board of Directors

Denise Hauser

Member of the Board of Directors

Your skin holds both the responsibility & marvelous ability to protect you against external stressors. It bears touches, kisses, cold, heat & so much more.

The touch of nature helps unveil our true strength & sensuality.

Natural Origin

Our products contain over 88% ingredients of natural origin.

Swiss Quality

Exclusively manufactured in Switzerland with the highest quality.

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