Our Promise

Selected Herbs.

Here at RAUSCH, we use 87 herbs and plant-based ingredients in the form of extracts, tinctures and oils. We obtain 43 of these extracts ourselves according to the most gentle methods.

We only use the best ingredients in our precious care products. Some of our herbs even come from our own herb garden. However, we prioritise organic quality and wild herb gathering. Partnerships with local Swiss contract farmers are an important part of what we do.

In-house extraction process.

What makes our products so special are the quantities of natural herbal extracts they contain. We obtain the purest extracts through conscious and careful handling of selected flowers, leaves, bark, roots and whole plants, using our own in-house processes.

Proven effectiveness.

The RAUSCH team includes proven experts in product development who have incredible enthusiasm for intensive research and development. The efficacy of new products is tested in independent scientific studies.

Optimum tolerability.

All RAUSCH products undergo the strictest possible safety monitoring before their launch on the market. Examination by a qualified safety assessor and dermatological testing at independent external institutes guarantee the tolerability of all our products.

Made in Switzerland.

As a Swiss family company, we are proud that our products are part of everyday life for people in more than 22 countries worldwide. We never forget our roots, however, which are deeply embedded in Switzerland and the Lake Constance region.

Our headquarters are here in Kreuzlingen – and this is where we produce our cosmetics and distribute them around the globe.

Vegan Products.

Here at RAUSCH, we have been perfecting the natural power of herbs from day one. For us, it’s a given that our entire product range is free from animal ingredients – with two exceptions: the Egg-Oil NOURISHING SHAMPOO contains organic, free-range eggs from Switzerland, and the Amaranth SPLISS-REPAIR-CREAM contains beeswax.

Free from animal testing.

From the very beginning of our 130-year history, we’ve safeguarded animal well-being and rejected experimentation on animals out of firm conviction. Animal testing of products has not been conducted or commissioned by RAUSCH since 1890. We maintain this approach today and will continue to do so in the future.

Products free from silicone.

Our entire hair and styling range is deliberately free from silicones. Silicones in hair products seal the surface of the hair. Although they produce a lovely shine, nourishing ingredients struggle to penetrate through to the inner layers of the hair – and may not manage to at all. At RAUSCH, our products achieve that shine with natural, plant-based oils.

Selected body care products contain minimal amounts of silicone to make them easier to apply. Here, in these small quantities, they act as an anti-foaming agent, ensuring the cream is easily absorbed by the skin.

High yield.

Our RAUSCH shampoos are concentrates, which means that a little goes a long way. One original-size shampoo bottle can be used 30-45 times, depending on hair length. This is good both for the environment and your wallet, because a higher yield means fewer new purchases and less packaging waste.

For the most economical use, work a hazelnut-sized quantity of shampoo into a lather in the palm of your hand. Due to the shampoo’s mild surfactants, only a little foam will develop, but this has no effect on its cleansing properties.

Highly biodegradable.

The impact of cosmetics on the environment is a key issue. They can result in solid or liquid plastics entering the water circuit and polluting bodies of water. RAUSCH is aware of this issue and has never used any solid plastic particles in its products.

The majority of our product range is already at least 95% biodegradable. Through intensive analysis of our individual ingredients, we are constantly working to boost these incredible figures even further. We’re passionate about producing near-natural cosmetics that are almost completely biodegradable, easy on the environment and kind to skin.

Ingredients of natural origin.

At RAUSCH, we use as many natural ingredients as we possibly can. Our aim is for all our products to contain 90% raw materials of natural origin. In order to improve factors such as the tolerability of our products, however, it is sometimes necessary to use nature-identical or synthetic components. The quantities used play a important role.

We see ourselves as manufacturers of ‘near-natural’ cosmetics, not natural cosmetics. The difference? Certified natural cosmetics may not use any synthetically produced ingredients or components that are of natural origin but synthetically processed.

This does, however, severely limit the choice of available raw materials. With purely natural ingredients, we cannot achieve the standard of quality we have set in terms of tolerability and efficacy.

Recycled PET bottles.

All packaging across our entire product range is currently recyclable. Of course, we’re always working to bring new and innovative packaging solutions onto the market.

Accordingly, since 2021, our shampoo bottles have been made exclusively from 100% recycled PET. The rPET is obtained from what are known as ‘post-consumer’ drinks bottles. These are old drinks bottles that have been thoroughly cleaned and melted down.

The use of recycled PET supports the entire recycling loop. This is an important step for us and for a clean environment.

Use of certified palm kernel oil.

As a committed member of the ‘Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil’ (RSPO), we only use Mass Balance-certified surfactants, supporting the sustainable cultivation of certified palm and palm kernel oil. Thanks to our strong ties to selected raw material suppliers, regular dialogue and insistence on sustainable sources, we have succeeded in achieving a sustainable standard in this respect.

Natural Origin

Our products contain over 88% ingredients of natural origin.

Swiss Quality

Exclusively manufactured in Switzerland with the highest quality.

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