Saving energy with the Energy Agency and Grüner Punkt.

RAUSCH actively supports issues relating to sustainability. By voluntarily participating in the programme run by the Energy Agency of the Swiss Private Sector, our company is showing its commitment to reducing CO2 emissions and optimising our energy efficiency.

RAUSCH is also a member of Grüner Punkt and participates in the ‘dual system’ recycling programme. The aim of Grüner Punkt is to recycle raw materials. The organisation therefore collects used packaging made from a range of different materials and recycles it. In this way, the packaging is kept in a closed loop.

As RAUSCH products are recycled by companies and consumers as part of Grüner Punkt, we are also supporting this philosophy. In 2020, we were therefore able to save 34 tonnes of CO2, 16 tonnes of crude oil and 1,668 gigajoules of primary energy. This is equivalent to 1,200 spruce trees, 552,000 RAUSCH shampoo bottles or the annual electricity consumption of 89 four-person households.

34 tonnes of CO2 or 1,200 spruce trees.

CO2, or carbon dioxide, is one of the most significant greenhouse gases. It is a natural component of air and does not break down by itself. An increasing amount of carbon dioxide is being released due to the burning of raw materials such as coal, crude oil and natural gas by industry and consumers, which then has a direct impact on our climate.

Thanks to its membership with Grüner Punkt, RAUSCH was able to save 34 tonnes of CO2 in 2020 – equivalent to 3 hectares of forest or 1,200 spruce trees.

16 tonnes of crude oil or 552,000 shampoo bottles.

Crude oil is a fossil fuel that is used for heating and for mobility. But this is not the only reason that it is practically ubiquitous in everyday life: crude oil is also found in cosmetics, chewing gum and plastic packaging.

Carbon dioxide is also released when crude oil is burned. This then remains in the atmosphere and has an impact on the climate. RAUSCH has always deliberately avoided using mineral oils as ingredients in its products. Thanks to its membership with Grüner Punkt, RAUSCH was also able to save 16 tonnes of crude oil in 2020 – this quantity is equivalent to 552,000 shampoo bottles.

We also regularly test out the use of new and innovative packaging solutions. For example, our original-size shampoo bottles have been made exclusively from 100% recycled PET since 2021. The use of recycled PET supports the entire recycling loop. 

1,668 gigajoules or the annual electricity consumption of 89 households.

In terms of energy sources, a distinction is usually made between fossil fuels and renewable raw materials. The former includes coal, lignite or natural gas, for example. Hydropower or wind power, in contrast, are renewable energies.

The use of fossil primary energy sources is particularly critical for the environment, as carbon dioxide is released by crude oil and coal.

By participating in Grüner Punkt, RAUSCH was able to save 1,668 gigajoules (GJ) of primary energy in 2020. This is equivalent to 463,334 kWh or the annual energy consumption of around 89 four-person households.

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